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Managed Security Services


(Endpoint security)

Enjoy complete end security and data protection with “Digest”.

One system and two mobile phones with each license.
Available for home users also.
Stop the email threats in the cloud before they reach your network.
Protect against spear phishing and advanced targeted attacks.
Behavioral Analysis
URL filtering
Prevention of phishing attacks
Data theft security
Real-time threat protection


(UTM-Firewall-Without Analyzer)

Hold the threats like “prisoners” before they reach your business.

Deliver high-performance next-generation firewall.
IPsec & SSL-VPN.
Identity-based policies.
Content filtering
Intrusion prevention.
Web filtering
Application control
Manage your wired and wireless connection easily.
Load balancing for two ISP.
User-based authentication.



“Hostage” prevents threats before they reach your system and applications.


IPsec & SSL-VPN.
Identity-based policies.
Intrusion prevention.
Manage your wired and wireless connections easily.
User-based authentication.
Behavior-based alerting.
Integrates logging, analytics, and reporting into one system.
Quickly identify and react to network security threats.
Provides detailed data capture for forensics and compliance.
Available in hardware and virtual form factors.
Identify attack patterns.


(Intrusion Prevention)

Our “Pledge” is to fulfill your system security from unwanted intrusion.

Dangerous website
Phishing attacks
2 Factor Authentication
Web Filtering
Vulnerability Scan


(Activity Monitoring Tool)

“Oversee” monitors the computer applications and the employee activities.

Easy for the employer.
Application monitoring.
No need to be an IT pro.
Monitor traveling employee.
Monitor when out of office.
Monitor Hidden.
Improve efficiency of an employee in office work rather than social networking.