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Network Solutions

Omega Networks experienced and accredited Network Consultancy provides advice and guidance on the design, implementation, support and management of your network infrastructure. Omega Networks provides vendor-independent IT consulting skills around networking and network components, internet and inter-office connectivity, deployment of your Exchange environment, implementation of VPN technologies, cabling system design and build. Working with you as part of your team allows us to share our network consulting skills and experience around the technologies you employ, which will, in turn, lead to greater operational efficiencies in your day-to-day working.

Omega Networks Consultancy is typically engaged to troubleshoot issues that cannot be resolved in-house, to assess network security or commercial return based on spend versus performance or to address compliance concerns. We also provide network health checks upon which we base our recommendations for improvement or remedial action, should it be required.

Our network consulting services are end-to-end, incorporating Wide Area Network (WAN) provisioning and optimization through to Local Area Network (LAN) design and management.

Key Benefits:-

1. Right ‘first-time’ solutions from trusted and experienced network consultants.

2. Temporary extra support for your team and full knowledge transfer.

3. Ensure that your network infrastructure is running efficiently and optimally.

4. Remove unnecessary cost from the provision of your network

.5. Benefit from easier remote working and centralization of resources.

To find out more about how Omega Networks can help support your organization, why not arrange for one of our IT consulting specialists to give you a call – simply contact us and we’ll be in touch at your convenience.

Wi-Fi Solution

Omega Networks can provide you Hardware and Software solutions for the guest Wi-Fi. We provide carrier-class operational support system (OSS) for managing wireless networks and hotspot systems.

We are expertise in below products/solutions:

 (Wi-Fi Hotspot Gateway)

All-in-one network controller that allows administrators to manage any sized wired or wireless network through a web-based management interface. It comes with a range of features including authentication, billing, prepaid vouchers, branded captive portal, SMS authentication, bandwidth control, URL tracking, caching and reporting that helps network administrators control and track access on any public network.

Salient Features of Wi-Fi Solution are as Follows –

  • All-in-one network access controller
  • User Management Bandwidth Control and Shaping
  • In-built RADIUS and portal server
  • Content Filtering
  • Policy management
  • URL Logging
  • Social Media (Facebook/LinkedIn/Google/Twitter) Integration
  • SMS based Authentication(OTP)
  • Detecting Torrent, P2P and Email spamming
  • Advanced QoS functions for VoIP and video traffic
  • Branded captive portals
  • Billing plans
  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Network monitoring
  • Hotel PMS(IDS, WinHMS, Hotelier, HotSoft, Comanche) Software Integration
  • Available in different models


Our Product Range:

  • U50     : supports up to 50- concurrent users
  • U100   : supports up to 100- concurrent users
  • U200   : supports up to 200-concurrent users
  • U500   : supports up to 500-concurrent users
  • U1000 : supports up to 1000- concurrent users

Our Solution is best suitable for following sectors.

  • Education Sector: Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc.
  • Hospitality Sector: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, etc.
  • Retail Sector: Shopping Malls, Food Chains, etc.
  • Healthcare Sector: Hospitals.
  • Public Places: Public Wi-Fi zones.

Fluke Certification

Certified cable testing indicates a “pass” or “fail” when network cable performance is compared to industry standards. This type of testing assures you that the newly installed cabling links will provide the transmission speeds you expect.

A certified cable test can pick up on potential issues such as:
  • Cable runs that are too long
  • Too much cable tension
  • Cable kinks or damage
  • Malfunctioning cable
  • Proper connector installation
  • Improper termination
  • Crossed wires