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10Gb Dell Ethernet Pass-Through I-O Module

networking dell 10gb ethernet passthru

networking dell 10gb ethernet passthru

Connecting to XAUI-based 10GbE mezzanine cards (10Gb Ethernet Pass-Through II) and KR-based 10GbE mezzanine cards and NDCs (10Gb Ethernet Pass-Through-k).

  • Ports:
    32 total Ethernet ports: 16 internal (server) ports and 16 external (LAN) ports
    1:1 Internal-external port pairs provide dedicated connections for isolated bandwidth between server and LAN
    Ships with all 32-ports enabled
    All external ports are hot-pluggable, enabling expansion without server interruption.
  • Options:
    All ports enabled standard
    External ports also support 10Gb SFP+ LR optics and SFP+ Direct-Attach (copper) cables (0.5m, 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m).
  • Supported Adapters (by model):Adapter (NIC/CNA) support varies based on model of Pass Through

Technical Specification


Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through II:

supports the following XAUI-based adapters:
Broadcom 57710 mezzanine card
Broadcom 57711 mezzanine card
Intel X520 mezzanine card
Intel X520-x/k mezzanine card
QLogic QME8142 mezzanine card
Emulex OCm10102-f-m mezzanine card

Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through-k:

supports the following KR-based adapters:
Brocade BR1741M-k mezzanine card
Broadcom 57712-k network daughter card (NDC)
Intel X520-x/k mezzanine card
Future 10Gb adapters for PowerEdge blade servers
Note: 1Gb NICs are not supported with either model of pass-through


  • 10 Gigabit per second line speed per port, full duplex


  • Connects Dell blade servers using 10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC blade mezzanine I/O cards to external switchesGreat solution for Dell™ PowerConnect™, Cisco Catalyst/Nexus switches as well as your choice of external Ethernet switches


    • Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through Modules are transparent to all Ethernet topologies, providing connectivity from Dell blades to any vendor’s external LAN switch
    • Connect to any industry standard Ethernet compliant device


  • Module is unmanaged – all management occurs via NIC firmware or O/S, or external switch Device status is available through the M1000e Chassis Management Controller (CMC)Diagnostics:
    Dell 10GbE-k Pass-Through Module performs a power on self-test and various ongoing diagnostics to ensure proper operation

Technical Data

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Technical Details

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