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7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42


Model abstract 7014-T42

The IBM 7014 Rack Model T42 is a 2.0 meter rack that will address the special requirements of customers who want a very tall enclosure to house the maximum equipment in the smallest possible floor space. The T42 provides 42 EIA units (42U) of usable space. Because of its height, special shipping and handling procedures may be required in some cases.

The T42 is compatible with the #0553 19-inch rack and compatible with past racks used such as the Model R00/S00 and RS/6000 racks.


Technical Specification

42 EIA units (42U) of usable space

Optional removable side panels

Front door options – standard or acoustic, or a trim kit for easy access

Optional side to side mounting hardware for joining multiple racks

Increased power distribution and weight capacity

Standard black or optional white color

Rear door – standard or acoustic.

Technical Data

  • 0mm

Technical Details

  • 0mm