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DVI and VGA KVM Extender

The Cat5 Reach DVI KVM Extender provides 1080p HD video quality and protection by enabling remote access to DVI and VGA ports on PCs, Servers or KVM switches.  The remote user console (USB keyboard and mouse, video, audio and IR control) can be up to 500 feet away (3000 feet with daisy-chaining) from the remote device.  A local console is also available.

With Cat5 Reach DVI, PCs, servers or KVM switches can be placed in non-harsh environments – protecting your equipment and minimizing your risk.

Local and Remote Console Access

Dual console support enables local and remote control up to 500 feet (3000 feet via daisy-chained Ethernet switches or hubs) away from the remote device.


Technical Specification

Audio-Visual Connections

Cat5 Reach DVI with its support for DVI/VGA, audio, and infrared control (IR) can connect to your audio-visual devices such as monitors, DVD players, and video servers.


Technical Data

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Technical Details

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